Monday, July 27, 2009

Woah woah woah yinz better be getting your hands on pens tickets !
Iight so the 2 pre-season games go on sale WEDNESDAY AUGUST 26 10 a.m. Enough of that little stuff, the regular season individual tickets will go on sale SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 12 TEN a.m.

For more information or to join the Penguins season ticket waiting list call..
the penguins ticket office: 412-642-PENS

Hmm so the pens won the stanley cup 91 AND 92 TWO YEARS IN A ROW ok so they just won it in 09 im not gonna say what i mean but what i mean is a sign i think.. no wait i know but if i clearly state what it is it will jinx them so im not going to say it. Confused ?, sorry.

no, its not to early to start saying that.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

YES !, Our superstars shoulder surgery was a success !, wow try saying that five times fast. Back to the point that is awesome to hear that things went ok. "Max has played with this problem for quite a while and we all agreed it was best for him to have the surgery at this time," Says Shero "Although he will miss training camp and the start of the season, the doctors expect him to make a complete recovery." Now that just ruined my day hearing he will miss the start of the season, i guess ill just have to wait until later in the season to attend a game. I guess its a good thing that he played with the shoulder i mean, he was a huge difference maker in the Stanley Cup playoffs/final. But its just good to hear everything went great.
UPMC physician Dr. Mark Rodosky performed the surgery repairing a torn labrum in Maxi's left shoulder.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What can i say ?, I love him with a passion ever since I first saw him.
^^LUCA's interview with (icky) Alyonka.

The NHL world never stops !

Pittsburgh Penguins summer update 7/16/09.

PensTV exclusive : Player Conditioning

Prospect Paintball !..

Monday, July 13, 2009

Penguins players Kristopher Letang and Tyler Kennedy made a guest appearance on KDKA and did the weather report. Now im glad i got up early that morning and if they did the weather all the time maybe id actually watch the news ! Im not sure if its just me or does it sound so much better in French ?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

So, im pretty new to this...
In the 2009 NHL entry draft the Pittsburgh Penguins chose defenseman Simon Despres as their first round draft pick 30th overall. I don't know much about this kid but from what i hear hes pretty good. That would help since the pens no longer have Scuds and Gill so best of luck that that works out. Im starting to like this guy considering what he said “I wanted Pittsburgh to win the Stanley Cup this year with Mario Lemieux, Crosby and Malkin, all those guys”. Well guess anyone could say that but hey, sounds good right ?